Our breeding was established in 1987, however our first contact and enchantment with German Shepherds was in 1968 with the dog Rex. We first began breeding with a bitch imported from Germany, Anschi von Kaibach, and a dog Argo Jar-Top. We raised our first litter in 1989 and at that time we became associated with the breeders Jan Stiburek’s Alcorn and Miloslav Novotý’s Mikor. From these breeders, we learned important information about how to properly breed the German Shepherd.

In 1991 we began a long-term and fruitful partnership with Franz Heigl, breeder of Ittlinger Moos and Ernst Rückert, breeder of von der Noriswand. During our eighteen years of collaboration, we bred and raised many firts rate example being Janos von der Noriswand, 2x VA, 1 winner of Czech German Shepherd title, 3x VA in Italy, V2 at HZS in Germany. We are grateful to both breeders for a great deal and consider them our best teachers and family friends.

Since 2008, from our point of view, we have been closely and very successfully working with breeder Erich Bösel and his family. With this team we have achieved a number of successes, the greatest of which we consider to be the placing of Wendy von der Piste Trophe as 2x VA at HZS in Germany and also a win in Austria.

We should also mention our long-term friend and colaborator, Erich Siegwart, breeder of Höchstadter Wappen and Heidy L. Theis breeder of Theishof.

Our philosophy is to breed physically and psychologically healthy dogs for every kind of setting, who will bring enjoyment both to ourselves and to the new owners.